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245 14 The shadow of colonialism on Europe's modern past
       |h[electronic resource] /|cEdited by Roisin Healy, Enrico 
       Dal Lago 
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490 0  Cambridge imperial and post-colonial studies Series 
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505 0  PART I: DEBATING COLONIALISMS   1. Investigating 
       Colonialism within Europe-- Roisin Healy and Enrico Dal 
       Lago  2. Is there a Classical Colonialism?-- Mridu Rai 3. 
       Exemplar, Outlier, Impostor? A Reflection on Ireland and 
       the Discourses of Colonialism-- Gearoid O Tuathaigh PART 
       II: COLONIALISM AS NATIONALISATION? 4. Italian Unification
       and the Mezzogiorno: Colonialism in One Country?-- Enrico 
       Dal Lago 5. Language Policies in the Duchy of Schleswig 
       under Denmark and Prussia-- Nils Langer 6. German-annexed 
       Alsace and Imperial Germany: A Process of Colonisation?-- 
       Detmar Klein  7. From Commonwealth to Colony? Poland under
       Prussia-- Roisin Healy 8. Colonialism in the Polish 
       Eastern Borderlands, 1919-1939-- Christoph Mick 9. The 
       French of Algeria: Can the Colonisers be Colonised?-- 
       Aoife Connolly 10. Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1878-1918: A Colony
       of a Multinational Empire-- Clemens Ruthner PART III: 
       COLONIALISM UNDER COMMUNISM  11. From Imperial Russia to 
       Colonial Ukraine-- Mark von Hagen 12. Maps of the 
       Borderlands: Russia and Ukraine-- Guido Hausmann 13. 
       Layered Colonialism: Polonisation and Sovietisation in 
       Poland's Recovered Territories-- Paul McNamara 14. 
       Sovietisation, Imperial Rule and the Stalinist Leader Cult
       in Central and Eastern Europe-- Balazs Apor 
516    Document 
520    Through a range of case studies from eastern and western 
       Europe, this book breaks new ground in investigating the 
       extent to which European peoples living within Europe were
       also subjected to the ideologies and practices of 
       colonialism.|bScholars have generally assumed the objects 
       of colonialism to have been non-European peoples, 
       especially those living in Africa and Asia. Acknowledging 
       the significance of current historiographical debates 
       about different colonial experiences, this book breaks new
       ground in investigating the extent to which European 
       peoples living in Europe were also subjected to 
       colonialism. The image of the shadow, with its 
       connotations of darkness, distortion, and elasticity, 
       highlights the pervasive, yet uneven, influence of the 
       ideologies and practices of colonialism across the 
       European continent and its consequences for the lives of 
       ordinary Europeans in peripheral regions. This shadow 
       reached its height in the century between the 1860s and 
       1960s, as nation-states were consolidated and colonial 
       empires expanded and then contracted. The chapters of this
       volume explore this phenomenon in case studies featuring 
       Ireland, southern Italy, Schleswig, Alsace, Poland, 
       Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ukraine and Hungary 
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545 0  Roisin Healy is Lecturer in Modern European History at the
       National University of Ireland,Galway. She is the author 
       of The Jesuit Specter in Imperial Germany (2003) and is 
       currently researching contacts and comparisons between 
       Ireland and Poland in the nineteenth century.  Enrico Dal 
       Lago is Lecturer in American History at the National 
       University of Ireland, Galway. The author of William Lloyd
       Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini: Abolition, Democracy and 
       Radical Reform (2013), he is currently working on a 
       comparative study of nation-building in the United States 
       and Italy in the nineteenth century 
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