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100 1  Muller, Frank Lorenz,|eauthor 
245 10 Royal heirs in imperial Germany :|bthe future of monarchy 
       in nineteenth-century Bavaria, Saxony and Wurttemberg /
       |cby Frank Lorenz Muller 
264  1 London :|bPalgrave Macmillan UK :|bImprint: Palgrave Pivot,
300    1 online resource (xii, 257 pages) :|billustrations, 
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490 1  Palgrave studies in modern monarchy 
520    This book explores the development and viability of 
       Germany's sub-national monarchies in the decades before 
       their sudden demise in 1918. It does so by focusing on the
       men who turned out to be the last ones to inherit the 
       crowns of the country's three smaller kingdoms: Prince 
       Ludwig of Bavaria, Prince Friedrich August of Saxony and 
       Prince Wilhelm of Wurttemberg. Imperial Germany was not a 
       monolithic block, but a motley federation of more than 
       twenty allied regional monarchies, headed by the Kaiser. 
       When the German Reich became a republic at the end of the 
       First World War, all of these kings, grand dukes, dukes 
       and princes were swept away within a fortnight. By 
       examining the lives, experiences and functions of these 
       three men as heirs to the throne during the decades when 
       they prepared themselves for their predestined role as 
       king, this study investigates what the future of the 
       German model of constitutional monarchy looked like before
       it was so abruptly discarded 
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650  0 Power (Social sciences)|zGermany|xHistory|y19th century 
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650 24 History of Germany and Central Europe 
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