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050 14 Q11|b.N5 v. 1284 
111 2  International Cancer Vaccine Symposium|n(7th :|d2012 :
       |cFlorence, Italy) 
245 14 The renaissance of cancer immunotherapy|h[electronic 
       resource] :|bthe 7th International Cancer Vaccine 
       Symposium /|cedited by Olivera J. Finn and Gerold Schuler 
246 3  Cancer immunotherapy 
246 3  7th International Cancer Vaccine Symposium 
246 3  ICVS 
260    Boston, MA :|bPublished by Blackwell Pub. on behalf of the
       New York Academy of Sciences,|cc2013 
300    1 online resource (vii, 86 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences,|x0077-8923 ;
       |vv. 1284 
500    "This Annals volume includes invited short reviews on 
       topics presented at the 7th International Cancer Vaccine 
       Symposium "Renaissance of Cancer Immunotherapy", held 
       September 9-11, 2012 in Florence, Italy. The papers cover 
       the latest progress in basic immunology research and its 
       translation to cancer patients. The meeting and papers pay
       tribute to the successes in the last few years that have 
       led to the approval of new immunotherapies and the 
       awarding of the Nobel Prize in medicine to three 
       immunologists. The symposium was dedicated to one of these
       recipients, Dr. Ralph Steinman who discovered dendritic 
       cells, immune cells that are vital in immune responses and
       immunotherapies for cancer." -- NYAS website, viewed 8 May
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600 10 Steinman, Ralph M 
650  0 Cancer vaccines|vCongresses 
650  0 Cancer|xImmunotherapy|vCongresses 
655  0 Electronic books 
700 1  Finn, Olivera J 
700 1  Schuler, G.|q(Gerold) 
710 2  New York Academy of Sciences 
830  0 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences ;|vv. 1284 
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