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245 00 Transforming gaming and computer simulation technologies 
       across industries|h[electronic resource] /|cBrock Dubbels 
260    Hershey, Pennsylvania :|bIGI Global,|c[2017] 
300    1 online resource (296 p.) :|bill 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Quantifying "magic": creating good player experiences on 
       Xbox Kinect / Kristie J. Fisher, Timothy Nichols, 
       Katherine Isbister, Tom Fuller -- Gamification transformed
       : gamification should deliver the best parts of game 
       experiences, not just experiences of game parts / Brock 
       Randall Dubbels -- The relationship between avatar-based 
       customization, player identification, and motivation / 
       Selen Turkay, Charles K. Kinzer -- An experiment on 
       anonymity and multi-user virtual environments: 
       manipulating identity to increase learning / Richard N. 
       Landers, Rachel C. Callan -- Digital divide: comparing the
       impact of digital and non-digital platforms on player 
       behaviors and game impact / Geoff Kaufman, Mary Flanagan -
       - Making lifelike medical games in the age of virtual 
       reality: an update on "Playing games with biology" from 
       2013 / Thomas B. Talbot -- Using serious gaming to improve
       the safety of central venous catheter placement: a post-
       mortem analysis / Daniel Katz, Andrew Goldberg, Prabal 
       Khanal, Kanav Kahol, Samuel DeMaria -- Making learning fun
       : an investigation of using a ludic simulation for middle 
       school space science / Min Liu, Lucas Horton, Jina Kang, 
       Royce M. Kimmons, Jaejin Lee -- Teaching childbirth 
       support techniques using the prepared partner and digital 
       birth: the design and development of games for dads-to-be 
       / Alexandra Holloway -- Beyond gaming: the utility of 
       video games for sports performance / Roma P. Patel, Jerry 
       Lin, S. Khizer R. Khaderi -- 
505 8  Games and other training interventions to improve 
       cognition in healthy older adults / Elizabeth M. Zelinski 
       -- Computer-presented and physical brain-training 
       exercises for school children: improving executive 
       functions and learning / Bruce E. Wexler -- Promoting 
       physical activity and fitness with exergames: updated 
       systematic review of systematic reviews / Tuomas Kari -- 
       Is artificial intelligence (AI) friend or foe to patients 
       in healthcare?: on virtues of dynamic consent - how to 
       build a business case for digital health applications / 
       Veronika Litinski 
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520 3  "[This book] is a pivotal reference source for the latest 
       research on emerging simulation technologies and gaming 
       innovations to enhance industry performance and 
       dependency. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of
       relevant perspectives and topics, such as user research, 
       player identification, and multi-user virtual environments,
       this book is ideally designed for engineers, professionals,
       practitioners, upper-level students, and academics seeking
       current research on gaming and computer simulation 
       technologies across different industries"--Provided by 
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650  0 Educational games 
650  0 Management games 
650  0 Simulation methods 
653    Digital vs. non-digital platforms 
653    Ludic simulations 
653    Mathematical simulations 
653    Medical gaming 
653    Multi-user virtual environments 
653    Player experiences 
653    Player identification 
653    User research 
700 1  Dubbels, Brock Randall,|eeditor 
856 40 |u