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245 00 Gaming globally|h[electronic resource] :|bproduction, play,
       and place /|cedited by Nina B. Huntemann and Ben Aslinger 
250    1st ed 
260    New York :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c2013 
300    1 online resource (xi, 279 p.) :|bill 
490 1  Critical media studies 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index 
505 0  Introduction;N.B. Huntemann and B. Aslinger -- MACRO -- 
       Who Plays, Who Pays? Mapping Video Game Production and 
       Consumption Globally; R. Nichols -- Women in Video Games: 
       The Case of Hardware Production and Promotion; N.B. 
       Huntemann -- Redefining the Console for the Global, 
       Networked Era; B. Aslinger -- Snapshot 1: Video Game 
       Development in Brazil; J. Portnow, A. Protasio, K. 
       Donaldson -- Snapshot 2: Video Game Development in 
       Argentina; A. ̐ΜưPrez Fer̐Μưnndez -- PLAY PRACTICES -- 
       Snapshot 3: Crafting a Path into Gaming Culture; S.C. 
       Duncan -- Heterogeneity in Game Histories; P. Tan and K. 
       Mitgutsch -- Playing at Being Social: A Cross-Generational
       Case Study of Social Gaming in Shanghai, China; L. Hjorth 
       and M. Arnold -- Unintended Travel: ROM Hackers and Fan 
       Translations of Japanese Video Games; M. Consalvo -- 
       LOCALIZATION -- Equip Shield: The Role of Semi-Permeable 
       Cultural Isolation in the History of Games and Comics; B. 
       P. Johnson -- Indiana Jones Fights the Communist Police: 
       Local Appropriation of the Text Adventure Genre in 1980s 
       Czechoslovakia; J. ⁽velch -- How Do You Say Gamer in 
       Hindi?: Exploratory Research on the Indian Digital Game 
       Industry and Culture; A. Shaw -- Snapshot 4: Australian 
       Video Games: The Collapse and Reconstruction of an 
       Industry; C. McCrea -- STRATGIES -- Snapshot 5: Game 
       Censorship and Regulation in the United States; C.A. 
       Kocurek -- Space Wars: The Politics of Games Production in
       Europe; A. Kerr -- Internet Development and the 
       Commercialization of Online Gaming in China; P. Chung and 
       A. Fung -- Video Game Development in the Middle East: Iran,
       the Arab World, and Beyond; V. Sisler 
520    A collection of previously unpublished essays by both 
       established and emerging scholars on video games in the 
       global context.It represents the transnational nature of 
       video games in terms of industrial, textual, and player 
       practices, and advances cross-disciplinary approaches to 
       game studies. It includes essays from scholars from seven 
       countries analyzing game cultures on macro- and micro-
       levels and investigates the growing transnational nature 
       of digital play. They touch upon nations not usually 
       examined by game studies ₆ including the former 
       Czechoslovakia, Turkey, India and Brazil ₆ and also adds 
       new perspectives to the global gaming hubs of China, 
       Singapore, Australia, Japan, and the United States. By 
       examining both the major markets as well as regions and 
       localities that have traditionally been under-served by 
       dominant industrial players and under-examined by both 
       journalists and scholars, this collection offers a more 
       nuanced, fluid, and hybrid picture of gaming. These essays
       also provide new directions for game studies as the field 
       matures beyond the binaries of hardware/software, ludology
       /narratology, and major/indie development. In addition to 
       full-length essays, brief snapshots of case studies are 
       included. The diversity of regions and perspectives 
       explored in the snapshots and full-length essayshelp 
       cultivate new ground for research and point to 
       opportunities for scholars interested in the cross-
       pollination of gaming and globalization studies 
520    "Video games are inherently transnational by virtue of 
       their industrial, textual, and player practices. This 
       collection includes essays from scholars from eight 
       countries analyzing game cultures on macro- and micro-
       levels and investigates the growing transnational nature 
       of digital play"--Back cover 
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590    Palgrave 
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650  0 Video games|vCross-cultural studies 
655  7 Electronic books.|2local 
700 1  Huntemann, Nina 
700 1  Aslinger, Ben 
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776 08 |iPrint version:|tGaming globally.|b1st ed.|dNew York : 
       Palgrave Macmillan, 2013|z9781137006325|w(OCoLC)783144382 
830  0 Critical media studies (Palgrave Macmillan) 
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