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245 00 Ours to hack and to own :|bthe rise of platform 
       cooperativism, a new vision for the future of work and a 
       fairer internet /|cedited by Trebor Scholz and Nathan 
264  1 New York :|bOR Books,|c2016 
300    251 pages ;|c21 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references (page 251) 
505 00 |tpart 1.|tSomething to say yes to:|tWhat this is and 
       isn't about /|rTrebor Scholz and Nathan Schneider ;|tThe 
       meanings of words /|rNathan Schneiderman ;|tHow platform 
       cooperativism can unleash the network /|rTrebor Scholz ;
       |tThe seven cooperative principles /|rSusie Cagle ;|tEight
       facts about cooperative enterprise /|rJessica Gordon 
       Nembhard --|gpart 2.|tPlatform capitalism:|tRenaissance 
       now /|rDouglas Rushkoff ;|tOld exclusion in emergent 
       spaces /|rJuliet B. Schor ;|tWorse than capitalism /
       |rMcKenzie Wark ;|tHow the un-sharing economy threatens 
       workers /|rSteven Hill ;|tSpongeBob, why don't you work 
       harder? /|rChristoph Spehr ;|tPortable reputation in the 
       on-demand economy /|rKati Sipp --|gpart 3.|tAn internet of
       our own: Showcase 1, platforms : Stocksy United, Fairmondo,
       Coopify, Gratipay, FairCoop, Member's Media, Ltd. 
       Cooperative, TimesFreek,, Resonate, 
       Loconomics Cooperative, NYC Real Estate Investment 
       Cooperative, Seed. Coop ;|tThe realism of cooperativism /
       |rYochai Benkler ;|tThree essential building blocks for 
       your platform cooperative /|rJanelle Orsi ;|tSo you want 
       to start a platform cooperative ... /|rCaroline Woolard ;
       |tWhat we mean when we say "cooperative" /|rMelissa Hoover
       ;|tA different kind of startup is possible /|rDavid 
       Carroll ;|tDesigning positive platforms /|rMarina Gorbis ;
       |tConvenient solidarity : designing for platform 
       cooperativism /|rCameron Tonkinwise ;|tDesigning for 
       privacy /|rSeda G赲ses ;|tHow crowdfunding becomes 
       stewardship /|rDanny Spitzberg ;|tEconomic barriers and 
       enablers of distributed ownership /|rArun Sundararajan ;
       |tThere is platform-power in a union /|rRa Criscitiello ;
       |tMaking apps for low-wage workers and their neighborhoods
       /|rSaskia Sassen ;|tThe crowd : naturally cooperative, 
       unnaturally silenced /|rKristy Milland ;|tPlatforms and 
       trust : beyond reputation systems /|rTom Slee ;|tWhy 
       platform co-ops should be open co-ops /|rMichael Bauwens 
       and Vasilis Kostakis --|gpart 4.|tConditions of 
       possibility:|tShowcase 2, ecosystem : Loomio Cooperative 
       Ltd., the FairShare Model, Swarm Alliance, Ms., the 
       Madeline System, Purpose Fund, rCredits, External Revenue 
       Service, Data Commons Cooperative, Coliga, CommunityOS: 
       Callicoon Project, Backfeed, My User Agreement ;|tBeyond 
       luxury cooperativism /|rJohn Duda ;|tMoney is the root of 
       all platforms /|rBrendan Martin ;|tFrom people-centered 
       ideas to people-powered capitalism /|rCarmen Rojas ;|tCan 
       code schools go cooperative /|rKaren Gregory ;|tA code for
       good work /|rPalak Shah ;|tMeet your friendly neighborhood
       tech co-op /|rMicky Metts ;|tBuilding the people's 
       ownership economy through union co-ops /|rMichael Peck ;
       |tToward a theory of value for platform cooperatives /
       |rMayo Fuster Morrell ;|tPublic policies for digital 
       sovereignty /|rFrancesca Bria ;|tLegal and governance 
       structures built to share /|rMiriam A. Cherry ;
       |tBlockchains and their pitfalls /|rRachel O'Dwyer ;|tNon-
       cooperativism /|rAstra Taylor 
650  0 Internet|xSocial aspects 
650  0 Internet|xPolitical aspects 
650  0 Internet|xEconomic aspects 
650  0 Cooperative societies 
700 1  Scholz, Trebor,|eeditor 
700 1  Schneider, Nathan,|d1984-|eeditor 
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