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100 1  Gill, James C. R.,|eauthor 
245 10 Dakhleh Oasis and the Western Desert of Egypt under the 
       Ptolemies /|cJames C.R. Gill 
250    Hardcover edition 
264  1 Oxford ;|aPhiladelphia :|bOxbow Books,|c2016 
300    483 pages :|billustrations, maps ;|c31 cm 
336    text|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|2rdamedia 
338    volume|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Dakhleh Oasis project,|vMonograph 17 
500    "This book is a modified version of a PhD thesis completed
       in 2014 in the Centre for Archaeology and Ancient History 
       (now the Centre for Ancient Cultures) at Monash 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 427-446) 
505 00 |gChapter 1: Introduction --|t1.1. Introduction --|t1.2 
       Previous research --|t1.3 Methodological approach --|t1.4 
       Nile Valley evidence --|gChapter 2: Mut al-Kharab --|t2.1 
       Introduction --|t2.2 The Ptolemaic pottery deposits --
       |t2.3 A transitional late period/ early Ptolemaic period 
       deposit --|t2.4 Miscellaneous pottery from other trenches 
       --|t2.5 Ptolemaic ostraka from Mut al-Kharab --|t2.6 
       Summary of Ptolemaic activity at Mut al-Kharab --|tChapter
       3: Ptolemaic pottery from Dakhleh Oasis --|t3.1 
       Introduction --|t3.2 Previous research --|t3.3 
       Presentation of the material --|t3.4 Fabrics and wares --
       |t3.5 Decoration --|t3.6 Manufacturing techniques --|t3.7 
       Forms --|t3.8 General discussion --|gChapter 4: Ptolemaic 
       sites in Dakhleh Oasis --|t4.1 Introduction --|t4.2 
       Structure of the catalogue --|t4.3 Site identification --
       |t4.4 Site types --|t4.5 Site distribution --|t4.6 General
       discussion --|gChapter 5: Ptolemaic activity in the 
       western desert --|t5.1 Introduction --|t5.2 Kharga Oasis -
       -|t5.3 Farafra Oasis --|t5.4 Bahariya Oasis --|t5.5 Siwa 
       Oasis --|t5.6 Minor Oases --|t5.7 Discussion --|gChapter 6
       : Conclusion --|t6.1 Results of the study --|t6.2 Beyond 
       the Fayum: Ptolemaic settlement in the western oases --
       |t6.3 Directing divine offerings to the valley --|t6.4 
       Gateway communities, the "oasis by-path" and long-distance
       trade --|t6.5 A military "buffer zone" --|t6.6 The Persian
       legacy --|t6.7 Conclusion --|tAppendix 1:  Mut al-Kharab: 
       context descriptions --|tAppendix 2: Pottery assemblages 
       from Mut al-Kharab --|tAppendix 3: Ptolemaic pottery forms
       : examples and parallels --|tAppendix 4: Catalogue of 
       Ptolemaic sites in Dakhleh Oasis --|tAppendix 5: Pottery 
       assemblages from Dakhleh Oasis sites --|tAppendix 6: 
       Catalogue of Ptolemaic sites in the western oases 
600 30 Ptolemaic dynasty,|d305-30 B.C 
650  0 Excavations (Archaeology)|zEgypt|zDakhla Oasis 
650  0 Pottery, Egyptian 
651  0 Dakhla Oasis (Egypt)|xHistory 
651  0 Dakhla Oasis (Egypt)|xAntiquities 
651  0 Egypt|xEconomic conditions|y332 B.C.-640 A.D 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aGill, James C. R., author.|tDakhleh 
       Oasis and the western desert of Egypt under the Ptolemies
       |dOxford ; Philadelphia : Oxbow Books, 2016|z9781785701368
       |w(DLC) 2015042057 
830  0 Monograph (Dakhleh Oasis Project) ;|vno. 17 
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