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書名 Discussion paper / Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research
出版項 Taipei : Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research, 1991-1994

身份 置5樓Working papers區(CIER) 
Lib. Hasno.9101(1991)-9110,9201-9209,9301-9309,9401-9402

 No.9101Lifetime work expectations and estimates of sex discrimination 
 No.9102Inflation effects on the labor market: a transition rate model 
 No.9103Wage differentials: among college-and-above graduates in Taiwan 
 No.9104Uncertainty and asymmetric information in the modelling of electric-utility tariff regualtion 
 No.9105An analysis on the structure of interest rates in the banking sector the money market and the curb market 
 No.9106Quota restriction policies and their impact on firms's quantitly setting decisions under "learning-by-doing" 
 No.9107Cooperative research in Taiwanese manufacturing 
 No.9108The empirical relevance of the orthodox demand theory 
 No.9109Labor shortage and foreign workers in Taiwan 
 No.9110The cost of capital and the effective tax rate in Taiwan: 1961-1985 
 No.9201Industrial outage costs in Taiwan: estimation from a proposed curtailable rate program in Taiwan 
 No.9202Male-female wage differentials in Taiwan: a human capital approach 
 No.9203The economic reunion of Taiwan and the mainland China-The impact on industrial development 
 No.9204TQC Chinese style and its management implication- Taiwan v.s. mainland China 
 No.9205Testing efficiency of the coffee futures market-a markov switching model 
 No.9206On-the-job training as a cause of brain drain 
 No.9207A priority service program and power outage costs: the case of Taiwan's cement industry 
 No.9208Energy intensity in Taiwan's industrial sectors: Divisia index v.s. Laspeyres index 
 No.9209Regional differential of enterprise efficiency and labor productivity in coastal China 
 No.9301Globalization and regionalization- Taiwan's perspective 
 No.9302The practice beyond property right boundaries- quality management in Chinese state-owned enterprises and rural enterprises 
 No.9303Economic development in transition- the case of Taiwan 
 No.9304An analysis of the effects of economic policies on Taiwan's economic growth and stability / by Dr. Tzong-shian Yu 
 No.9305An evaluation of the effectiveness of government automation promotion schemes in the electrical component industry 
 No.9306Measurement of technical efficiency and its management implications- the example of Taiwan sugar corporation 
 No.9307On the choice of exchange rate regimes 
 No,9308Quality management of Chinese township enterprises in Inland and in coastal areas 
 No.9309Improvement of capital productivity and technical efficiency via DFI: evidence from the industrial interaction between Taiwan and mainland China 
 No.9401Trade effects direct foreign investment: the bilateral case 
 No.9402The impact of north American economic integration on Taiwan 
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[No. 8101(1981)]-no.9402(Mar. 1994)
Lib. Has HS(TSAO) no.9203-9206(1992),no.9303-9308(1993),no.9401-9402(1994)
附註 Continued by : Discussion paper series
繼續 Discussion paper series
Alt Author Zhonghua jing ji yan jiu yuan
Unif Title Discussion paper (Zhonghua jing ji yan jiu yuan)
Alt Title Discussion paper series
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