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050 14 QA251.5|b.C66 1981 
082 04 512/.4|219 
111 2  Conference on Algebra|d(1981 :|cNew Haven, Conn.) 
245 10 Algebraists' homage|h[electronic resource]:|bpapers in 
       ring theory and related topics 
260    Providence, R.I. :|bAmerican Mathematical Society,|c1982 
300    1 online resource (viii, 409 p.)|bill 
490 1  Contemporary mathematics,|x0271-4132 ;|vv. 13 
500    "Proceedings of the Conference on Algebra in honor of 
       Nathan Jacobson, held in New Haven, Connecticut, June 2-5,
       1981, edited by S.A. Amitsur, D.J. Saltman, and G.B. 
       Seligman"--Verso of t.p 
504    Includes bibliographies 
505 00 |tDivision algebras. A survey /|rS. A. Amitsur --|uhttp://|u
       685935|tRepresentation theory of finite-dimensional 
       algebras /|rM. Auslander --|u
       polynomial identities of matrices /|rEdward Formanek --
       conm/013/685937|tThe order of a finite group of Lie type /
       |rT. A. Springer --|u|uhttp://|tRestricted Lie 
       algebras (and beyond) /|rJ. E. Humphreys --|uhttp://|u
       685939|tDeterminants on free fields /|rP. M. Cohn --|uhttp
       013/685940|tWeak Cohomology /|rMoses E. Sweedler --|uhttp:
       013/07|tApplications of the classification of finite 
       simple groups to Brauer groups /|rMurray Schacher --|uhttp
       013/685942|tGeneric Structures and Field Theory /|rDavid 
       J. Saltman --|u|uhttp://|tBalanced spaces of forms 
       and skew cyclic transformations /|rDarrell E. Haile --
       conm/013/685944|tRings with Bounded Index of Nilpotence /
       |rAbraham A. Klein --|u|uhttp:
       //|tOn the Jacobson density 
       theorem /|rJ. M. Zelmanowitz --|u
       |tDerivations of prime rings having power central values /
       |rI. N. Herstein --|u|uhttp://|tLie and Jordan 
       Mappings /|rWallace S. Martindale, 3rd --|uhttp://|u
       14|tSome Properties of Rings Reflected in Endomorphism 
       Rings of Free Modules /|rBarbara L. Osofsky --|uhttp://|u
       15|tOn the Galois theory of commutative rings. I. 
       Dedekind's theorem on the independence of automorphisms 
       revisited /|rCarl Faith --|u
       |u|tOn the 
       Deformation of Diagrams of Algebras /|rMurray Gerstenhaber
       and S. D. Schack --|u|uhttp://|tOn the Gelfand-Kirillov 
       dimension of Noetherian P.I.-algebras /|rMartin Lorenz and
       Lance W. Small --|u|uhttp://|tA simple proof of 
       Kostant's theorem, and an analogue for the symplectic 
       involution /|rLouis Halle Rowen --|u
       |tAffine rings satisfying a polynomial identity /|rWilliam
       F. Schelter --|u|uhttp://|tAlgebraic structure of
       power series rings /|rM. Artin --|u
       and the symmetric algebra of ideals /|rCraig Huneke --
       conm/013/685956|tPolynomial Constraints in Lattice-Ordered
       Rings /|rStuart A. Streinberg --|u
       properties of conjugacy classes in spin groups and 
       symplectic groups /|rWalter Feit and Gregg J. Zuckerman --
       conm/013/685957|tVariations on Even Clifford Algebras /
       |rGeorge B. Seligman --|u
       |u|tOn the 
       Determination of Rank One Lie Algebras of Prime 
       Characteristic /|rGeorgia M. Benkart and J. Marshall 
       Osborn --|u|u
       /10.1090/conm/013/26|tRestricted Simple Lie Algebras of 
       Rank 2 or of Total Rank 2 /|rRichard E. Block --|uhttp://|u
       27|tRestricted Simple Lie Algebras with Toral Cartan 
       Subalgebras /|rRobert Lee Wilson --|u
       |tComposition triples /|rKevin McCrimmon --|uhttp://|u
       685962|tTriple products, modular forms, and harmonic 
       volumes /|rBruno Harris --|u
       |u|tBivariants of
       ternary rings /|rW. G. Lister --|u
       Alternative Algebras over Commutative Rings /|rRobert Bix 
       10.1090/conm/013/32|tExceptional Jordan Division Algebras 
       /|rHolger P. Petersson and Michel Racine --|uhttp://|u
       33|tAn Apology for Jordan Algebras in Quantum Theory /
       |rJohn R. Faulkner --|u|uhttp:
       //|tIdentities of 
       nonassociative algebras studied by computer /|rLeslie 
       Hogben --|u|u
       /10.1090/conm/013/685967|tOn regularly closed fields /
       |rTsuneo Tamagawa --|u|uhttp:/
       /|tSome geometric 
       applications of a differential equation in characteristic 
       $p > 0$ to the theory of algebraic surfaces /|rPiotr Blass
       10.1090/conm/013/37|tOn the inverse problem in difference 
       Galois theory /|rRonald P. Infante --|u
       |tQuadratic Hopf algebras and Galois extensions /|rH. F. 
       Kreimer --|u|uhttp://|tThe left antipodes of 
       a left Hopf algebra /|rWarren D. Nichols and Earl J. Taft 
       10.1090/conm/013/685972|tSimilarity of nilpotent, integer 
       matrices, or, four elementary categories /|rDaniel 
       Zelinsky --|u|uhttp://|tNormal antilinear 
       operators on a Hilbert space /|rIrving Kaplansky --|uhttp:
       013/685974|tWhy commutative diagrams coincide with 
       equivalent proofs /|rSaunders Mac Lane --|uhttp://|u
       685975|tAxiomatic game theory /|rDavid J. Winter --|uhttp:
650  0 Associative rings|xCongresses 
650  0 Nonassociative rings|xCongresses 
650  0 Associative algebras|xCongresses 
650  0 Nonassociative algebras|xCongresses 
650  0 Galois theory|xCongresses 
650  7 Associative algebras.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00819227 
650  7 Associative rings.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00819229 
650  7 Galois theory.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst00937326 
650  7 Nonassociative algebras.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01038588 
650  7 Nonassociative rings.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01038590 
655  7 Conference proceedings.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01423772 
700 1  Amitsur, S. A.|q(Shimshon A.),|d1921- 
700 1  Saltman, D. J.|q(David J.),|d1951- 
700 1  Seligman, George B.,|d1927- 
830  0 Contemporary mathematics (American Mathematical Society) ;
       |vv. 13 
856 4  |u